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On average, 60% of what you do in

your business can be AUTOMATED.

You must stop wasting your time

and let me help you Improve your Marketing,

Sales, Customer Support, Billing and more… 

gear, copper, industrial

CRM Automations

Automate your CRM processes, Invoices, price quotes, contracts, contact entry, reminders,
automatic pipe line transitions, Sales, …

Chatbot Automations

Use Chat Bots to keep customers engaged, customer service, marketing, sales. We write WhatsApp Bots, Messenger Bots, Web site Bots…

Process Automations

Automating your tasks with super tools like Zapier, Integromat, Custom Code, cloud functions, Data Bases, and many other tools…
I will analyse your business processes in the most effective way so that you will be able to see all the repetitive bottlenecks you need to remove
Analyse Your Busines Processes 100%
I will Automate all of the repetitive bottlenecks that stop you from achieving maximal results from your business.
Automate Repetitive Tasks 100%
You will see amazing results in your business in all areas, from customer satisfaction, more traffic, higher revenue and more…
See the Improvements 100%

Get to Know the HTTP Protocol

The HTTP protocol enables the Internet as we know it today.
The most prevalent form of the internet is a client-server form.
The client (e.g. a web browser) sends an HTTP request

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How WhatsApp bot works – part 6

In order to make the bot’s flow more generic, it is a good strategy to pass parameters into the bot’s flow. You pass parameters into the bot’s flow by using JSON, and then in the flow, you can use them to make decisions, display dynamic messages, etc…

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If you think you can’t automate your tasks
chances are that you are WRONG

The ultimate goal(s) of your business is to be a well oiled machine that produces happy customers and a lot of revenue, allowing you to devote your time on strategy to push your business forward—Enter Me!!!*

My job as an Automation Expert is to Automate YOUR tasks so that you’ll have MORE TIME to focus on YOUR core competences and push YOUR business forward with new products, new markets, new strategies.

My Automations will save you time dealing with repetitive tasks like billing customers, CRM entries, managing leads/customers lists, sending invoices, customer service, asking for referrals, managing product lists, email marketing and so much more…

So don’t waste your time anymore, contact me now and lets AUTOMATE YOUR business.

*I am Daniel Barak a Business Process Automation Expert, Programmer, System Analyst and a Practical Software Engineer.


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