Business Process Automation

I will help you find the fast road to fulfill your business goals. I will automate vital business processes of your business by using low cost software solutions and drive your business above and beyond.


I will help you to analyse your business in the most effective way so that you will be able to see all the repetitive bottlenecks you need to remove. 


I will help you to automate all of the repetitive bottlenecks that stop you from achieving maximal results from your business. Simple and low cost software can do all the repetitive tasks for you. 


As a result from removing all of the bottlenecks you will see instant improvements in your business processes. You will see amazing results in your business in all areas, from customer satisfaction, more traffic, higher revenue etc…   

Analyzing Business Processes

I will use my experience and well known system analysis methods to analyse your business processes.

Automation With Software

Simple and low cost software solve and remove all of the repetitive bottleneck processes.

Continuing Improvements

I will help you find the best way to continue and improve, driving your business to better results in all areas.

System Analysis Methods
Repetitive Process Analysis
Low Cost Software Tools
Continuing Improvements

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About Me

My name is Daniel Barak and I am an experienced senior marketer, copywriter, system analyst, business consultant, programmer, since 2008.  I help businesses reach and implement their full potential by designing their systems the right way and improving/automating vital business processes. 

It is my passion to work with businesses and help them do much better than they ever imagined by using the correct software that will automate repetitive business processes. I analyze, design, and write (or use my team to write) the required software (if there is no other effective automation solution). I provide low cost solutions that are tailored to the exact process needs of your business.

I have a vast hands on technological experience in various fields. I have the ability to find the best technological solutions for complex problems and provide working business solutions. 

Come and work with me together to boost your business forward. I have a lot of experience working with businesses and making their  goals come through.

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