How WhatsApp bot works - part 4

After receiving the approval for WhatsApp business id there is another thing to take into account.

During that first week after the approval, you can send a maximum of 1000 messages per day. This is the allowed quota.

If, during the first week, more than 1000 messages where sent, your quota will be raised to 5000 messages a day, during the second week.

And so on… the quota will be raised until 15000 messages per day.

You’ll have to take the cost of each message into account, i.e. the cost of template messages and session messages.

You can use the INTERNAL functions in Twilio to send WhatsApp and SMS messages..

The functions are written in node.js but they are a little different than usual cloud functions.

The functions can be called from a bot’s flow in Twilio’s Studio.

You need to configure the functions to include in their context object the AuthToken and the Session id.

More on that, on the next post about WhatsApp bots…

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